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A palette of products created by the process of corn processing (peeling and removing germs from corn) meets and most demanding wishes of customers – we granulate the bites (crops) according to the customer's request. In the production assortment from this year we have Spezzato, a unique product on the regional market, which (as a semi-product) finds its way to major European producers of cereal accommodation for breakfast.

- We're buying and selling all kinds of cereal.

- Corn processing

- Granulation of bites according to customer's request

- Export of grains and products derived from corn processing to the regional and European markets.

- We're performing service stocking and drying of cereal

- Arranging agricultural production with agricultural landlords.

- We're doing a squirm.

- Fast and operational service for the employees.

- Complete openness to proposal and cooperation with both customers and all persons and companies related to this type of business.

- Complete control of the quality of materials when receiving for storage, during processing and finished products supported by accredited control house.